Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Spring Break!

For parents who are wondering what can my child do to help his/her grade they have two extra credit opportunities during their break time. First they can practice! Second one, have them perform for everyone, they can earn extra credit points for every different person they perform for.

Coming up for all band students is their concert on April 30th. Please remember to check those dress pants, so we don't get to concert time and discover they don't fit anymore! Don't feel the need to purchase expensive clothes. I often recommend buying a less expensive pair at this age, so when they out grow them parents can afford to replace them!

The 6th grade students just completed their final playing DSPA and did a great job. They will have a couple of written tests before this year is out, but nothing to worry about, we have been preparing all year for these tests by learning terminology.

All 5th grade students are going to have one more DSPA playing test before the end of the year along with a written test. Don't worry we've been working on the terminology that will be on this written test all need to stress!

Strings students have their final concert of the year on May 7th. They are preparing their music for this, so please ask them what they are supposed to practice and encourage them to play for you.

In classes we are working through our book as well as working on our concert materials. I am excited about how much progress the groups are making, and as parents you should be proud of the work your children are producing. Please keep encouraging their practice and performance. If they want to play for you please take a moment and listen, it will mean the world to them.

Until next time!

Karia Schofield

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hello all! Things are moving along here in the instrumental music room!

5th grade string students are starting to work on their music for their May 7th concert. Please encourage them to practice this at home. They are starting to put more notes together and need to spend time working with this skill.

6th grade string students are working on their music for their May 7th concert as well. They are also working on a piece for their DSPA which will be on March 26th during class. They should be working on #71 Mocking Bird for this test.

5th grade band students are learning to listen to each other while we play. As the music gets more difficult it is important for them to start to listen more to how their parts work together. Please keep encouraging them to practice their music for their April 30th concert.

6th grade band students are starting their work toward their April 30th concert as well. We are working on a multiple media piece for this concert, it should be fun, and provide some flash back moments for you. These students also need to be thinking about their choices for junior high. I know that they have already registered for junior high, but it's not to late to change a mind and a schedule. Please be aware there have been changes to the Hathaway scholarship that impact fine arts.

Thanks for checking in and until next time happy practicing!

Karia Schofield
Paintbrush band and strings